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beach-at-ti-1932-slqI’m delighted to announce that my NEXT BOOK will be published by Penguin Random House in August 2017.

It’s a middle-grade historical adventure novel called The Fighting Stingrays. Set on Thursday Island in 1941, it follows the exploits of three friends – Charlie, Alf and Masa – as the threat of war looms over northern Australia.

There’s deep-sea pearl diving, a community torn apart, a pet rat, multiple brushes with death and one daring escape after another.

A lot of the details in this book are based on stories from my grandmother, who grew up on Thursday Island in the 1930s as the daughter of a pearl-shell company owner. ‘TI’ is a place a lot of Australians don’t know about, and one that played an important role in the second half of WWII.

I’m about to get stuck into the edits for this book. But basically, I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written and I really hope you love it too.

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