The Fighting Stingrays have landed

The Fighting Stingrays by Simon Mitchell - cover

My latest book, The Fighting Stingrays, has just hit the shelves. Here’s everything you need to know about the hottest historical kid-lit around!

What’s it about?

War, friendship, loyalty, pearl-diving. All set against the backdrop of the Torres Strait in 1941.

The book touches on themes of racism/discrimination, mandatory detention and the moral ambiguities of war, and provides a great way to talk about these topics with kids without getting too heavy.

(But it’s not depressing by any means – there’s lots of funny bits.)

What age is it suitable for?

Ages 9 and up. There is a bit of mild violence and some semi-scary stuff but nothing too shocking.

This sounds like a ‘boys book’. Will girls like it?

Yes. The whole boy book/girl book thing is a marketing scam. It’s great for anyone who likes action-packed adventures.

Where can I buy it?

Any bookshop in Australia/NZ with a decent kids’ section should have copies in stock for the next couple months. If enough people buy it from said bookshop, the shop will order more from the publisher and keep it in stock for longer, which means more people will buy it, which means I can retire and live in a pile of money.

If for whatever reason you can’t get it from your local bookshop then any Australian/NZ online retailer should have it. I like (and not just because they gave it a glowing review).

What about the digital version?

Any decent ebook retailer (Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, iBooks etc.) will have it. Just search for ‘The Fighting Stingrays’.

So I should buy it then?


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