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Marty is coming back (and going for gold)

Fans of The Baked Bean Bandit and Kung Phew! will be happy to hear that Farty Marty is returning for a third adventure. Entitled The Great Stinkathlon, the newest book follows everyone’s favourite flatulator as he travels to London to compete in an event that represents the pinnacle of fartistic achievement – the Smelympic Games. Marty has his eyes on the bum-shaped gold medal, but the return of an old rival threatens to put an end to his Smelympic dream faster than you can say ‘four-minute master-blaster’.

The Great Stinkathlon will be published as a Penguin Aussie Bite in early 2013, and Gus Gordon will once again be providing the hilarious illustrations.

Louie at the Literature Centre

Be on the lookout for swashbuckling pirates in the Fremantle area this term, because The Literature Centre (formerly the Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre) is now exhibiting Louie the Pirate Chef.

Every term, the Literature Centre selects several picture books for their Schools’ Program. The exhibition includes early drafts of each book’s text and images, as well as the final artwork. The centre’s dedicated staff use this material in workshops for students of all ages, introducing them to each story and taking them through the entire process of writing and illustrating a picture book. It’s the only program of this type I’m aware of, and certainly sounds like an excellent opportunity for aspiring young authors and illustrators out there.

Below is a sneak preview of the exhibition.


Louie the Pirate Chef at the Little Big Book Club

September is ‘Food Glorious Food’ month over at the Little Big Book Club, and they have selected Louie the Pirate Chef to be one of their featured titles. So grab your cutlass and your KitchenAid and go check out the site – they’ve even put together a neat little activities sheet so you can make your own pirate chef hat!

And speaking of everybody’s favourite arrrrrsterchef – Louie is now available in paperback. Priced at just $14.95, it won’t cost you an arm and a peg-leg, and is the perfect birthday/christmas/everyday gift for the aspiring chef in your family. You can pick up the paperback edition at your local bookstore or order it online from most Australian sellers.

‘Kung Phew!’ available now

The day has come, people. Kung Phew!, the sequel to The Baked Bean Bandit, is now available in bookshops. Published through Penguin’s Aussie Bites range, this fast-paced adventure is ideal for 6-10 year old children (or anyone who enjoys fart jokes with a martial-arts twist).

You can read the first chapter of Kung Phew! online here.

‘Kung Phew!’ is just around the corner

Start holding your breath folks, because my junior novel Kung Phew! is only a few weeks away.

Hilariously illustrated by Gus Gordon, this slightly whiffy sequel to The Baked Bean Bandit sees Marty travelling to China to visit an order of warrior-monks who practice a unique ‘fartial art’. I won’t give too much away at this stage, but let’s just say the story involves an ancient relic, a stinky super-villain and plenty of high-flying kung phew action.

A jolly postman delivered a big box of advance copies today, and I was blown away by how well the cover turned out.

Copy of Kung Phew standing on a table

Pretty cool eh?

‘Kung Phew!’ will be stinking up the Aussie Bites section of your local bookstore on August 1st.

Louie the Pirate Chef chosen for White Ravens catalogue

This news is a few weeks old, but:

Louie the Pirate Chef, written by yours truly and illustrated by Ben Wood, has been selected for a place in the prestigious White Ravens Catalogue for 2011.

Every year, the good folks at the International Youth Library in Germany select 250 recently published children’s books that they consider noteworthy and feel ‘deserve a wider reception on account of their universal theme and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design’. The selection features titles from all over the world and is presented at the annual Bologna Book Fair in Italy.

Looking at the other Australian authors chosen reveals that I’m in some pretty formidable company: Sonya Hartnett, Carole Wilkinson and Hazel Edwards, to name just a few. Very exciting!

Hello, world.

Hi there, and welcome to the brand-new website of Simon Mitchell.

Simon Mitchell the author, that is. If you’re looking for Simon Mitchell the diving physician, Simon Mitchell the patent attorney or Simon Mitchell the Professor of Sedimentary Geology, then I’m sorry to say you’re in the wrong place.

If, however, you are interested in the author of children’s books Louie the Pirate Chef and The Baked Bean Bandit, then this is the site for you!

Here you can keep up to date with all the latest news from writer-land, learn more about me and my books, or send me a message with any questions or comments. I always love hearing from fans, parents and teachers of fans, and other writers, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the contact form or leaving me a comment below.

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